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It has been challenging at times being a female engineer, particularly going into more senior roles. You feel like you constantly have to prove yourself. It can be tiring and can sap your confidence. There have been countless times when i have been mansplained a subject i have been an expert in, talked over or had someone else get credit for my ideas after being ignored. Not that all guys have the same attitude. It is refreshing and inspires innovation and collaboration when we show respect.

- Environmental Engineer

My colleague’s daughter has always excelled at maths and science and recently graduated with honours from her engineering degree. She was offered a coveted graduate job in a tough job market. Her father though attributed this to her being given the job to fill the female quota. I took issue with his attitude. It showed how ingrained sexism in our industry could be.

- Environmental Engineer

Members at a local council in Victoria won a $500 lump sum payment for women on 12 months unpaid maternity leave into their superannuation (enforceable in an EBA clause not policy). This is a first step towards bridging the divide between superannuation between men and women at retirement.

- Aleysia Leonard, Lead Organiser, APEA

APEA biomedical engineer members in Victorian public hospitals were prevented from undertaking ongoing professional development. A lack of financial support was a key barrier. Members voted up protected action ballots that pressured the employer to agree to our claims. They have now won an annual CPD allowance paid directly to each employee.

- Alex Gounis, Organiser