About APEA

The Association of Professional Engineers Australia is a network of thousands of engineers whose mission is to shape the future of the profession based on the expressed wishes of engineers themselves; and to help our members get the careers they deserve.


We believe engineers should have a strong voice and more influence over the big issues in their profession. Engineers should be as well respected and recognised for their role as doctors or nurses but that will only happen by taking the challenge head-on and becoming as organised as the professional bodies that represent those professions such as the Australian Medical Association and Australian Nurses Federation.


By uniting together, engineers have the strength in numbers to create positive change and get the recognition, respect and reward we deserve.


In addition to providing a strong voice for engineers with industry and government, APEA is there to support engineers in the workplace, providing workplace, career and professional support.


Only APEA will help professional engineers shape the future of the profession and get the career we deserve.