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Making the change we want to see for Australia

Engineers have a unique place in the world. It’s hard to think of a profession that has had a greater impact on our quality of life. Engineering a Better Future is a campaign about better recognising and respecting the work that engineers do and lifting the standing of the profession through specific reforms in the workplace, and in terms of government policy.


Engineers are often focused on the important work they do.


They want to use their skills to problem solve to achieve a better future. They want to see proper strategies to address progression, attrition and retention issues for women in engineering as a priority.


Engineers also want to see the next generation of professional engineers developed and to continue their own professional development. They want to see problem-solving knowledge progress and they want a stronger Australia, with high-wage, high-skill jobs of the future.


But engineers want, and need, a stronger voice.


Engineering advice should not be negotiable because decisions in the workplace made without expert engineering input diminish the quality and safety of our communities.


Engineers should have more power and influence over the big issues, but at the moment engineers’ role is not adequately respected by government or by employers – sometimes not even by the industry bodies supposed to represent their interests.


If you’re an engineer and you want to be part of the change, join our campaign which is uniting professional engineers to demand change and lift the standing of our profession.


Help us Engineer a Better Future for the profession and the community.